Custom-made jewellery

Soleo jewelry is fully handcrafted!⠀

At your special request, we can make a necklace of any length, replace the pendant or charm, make earrings and a bracelet for it.⠀

Also we can create handmade pieces that reflect your personal style and individuality. Whether you’re looking for a special gift or a statement piece for yourself, we can create the perfect unique piece of jewellery just for you.

You can choose from materials such as brass/copper, stainless steel, and real Gold / Rhodium plated pendants, charms, connectors etc. We are working with natural semi-precious stones, all kind of pearls, jewellery crystal beads, chains, crystal and Murano glass, Japanese beads, Swarovski crystals. lead time to make a piece of custom-made jewellery will always depend on whether we have the right materials, parts and components (they are all Imported from all over the world).

Send a message to [email protected] about your dream jewelry and we will get back to you.

Repair, Restringing, Remodelling Services

We are also offering comprehensive jewelry repair service of your old jewellery. Repair can be made to your old and/or broken pearl, gemstone or even crystal piece. We provide repairs and maintenance such as replacing clasps & connectors on necklaces and bracelets, replacing earrings fittings, restringing and remodeling. If you have pearls or beaded strands that have broken, stretched, need shortening or lengthening please contact us to get a quotation.

During this process you can add additional gem, pearl, crystal, charm, pendant or real Gold/Rhodium plated metal beads to enhance and refresh the look of your necklace or bracelet. What can we help you to repair or remodeling? Send us a message with clear photo of the item(s) to [email protected] and we will get back to you.

*Unfortunetly we cannot repair real Gold & Silver Jewellery.